This site is a work in progress. It’s taking me entirely too long to complete it, but perhaps it will be up and functioning by early 2015. I’ll be filling in the links and information in the following months, but until then, it’s just going to be a bit of  a mess.

Allow me to introduce you to Mad Migraine.Copy of mad

migraine wallpaperThat’s her tearing up the wallpaper of my mind with her sharp little nails.

She’s an unwanted guest in the mansion of my skull.

She is sadistic and unrelenting, demanding and hysterical. She has needs. And if those needs aren’t met, she will drop me vomiting to the floor and then bash my head against the boards.


It is a daily battle between us to see who will be knocked out first.

 Look at her now.

sedatives migraine

This is Mad when she is quiet. No need to whisper, she’s still half comatose from the bottle of sleeping pills I threw at her last night. So while she is sedated on half my drugs and most of my tricks, let us talk, my fellow migraineur.

I’ve heard you have your own unruly guest stamping around the attic. Perhaps they can be reasoned with, and maybe I can help.

Mad has taught me quite a lot over the decades.

I have pounded her with every pill, diet, herb, crack of the neck, and stab of the foot. I have been taught to breath, taught to move, and psychoanalyzed until I found myself sitting on lavender scented cushions with needles poking out of me like living art, breathing in-three out-five while thinking of the sea. Through it all, Mad Migraine ran frenzied through the halls, raking her nails down the walls, tearing up fleshy bits of mental decoration, and never giving a damn what the experts said.

She knows I have tried all but one thing to banish her, one incredible desperate last thing. But we will get to that after everything else.

First I would ask you to try the Drugs, the Tricks, the Supplements, the Diets, and the Alternative Professionals.

In a last grasp of desperation, we will flail around accusing and eliminating things in your Environment, and if that doesn’t stop the madness, we’ll look with hopeful optimism at the Radical Treatments.

Finally, if none of that has managed to subdue your violent guest, then, here at the edge, you and I can talk about the extreme next-to-last option. I’ve not yet tried it. Maybe one of us can talk the other into it, or out of it.