… for when the storms come.

migraine storm

Pseudoephedrine migraine 1

Most of us migraineurs can predict an approaching storm better than any meteorologist. The bigger the storm, the more certain we are that Mad has thrown open all the windows and is running wild through the house with knives.

Pseudoephedrine migraine 2





And we know when the eye of the hurricane is over us, as that’s when Mad settles down for a moment to pick the flesh from under her nails.


Unfortunately, we also know when weeks of rain are coming to an end because that change angers her as well.

Pseudoephedrine migraine 3

What Mad likes to be offered when the weather fluctuates is pseudoephedrine and a couple cups of coffee. Oh yes, you’re going to be wide-the-screaming-hell-awake, but Mad will also be knocked out flat. And it’s not like she was going to let you sleep anyway.

Pseudoephedrine dose: 60mg is the responsible dose, but Mad doesn’t really encourage responsibility. She’s already thrown so much into the wind, I figure caution might as well go with it. I regularly use 120mg, and I’m not willing to admit what I irregularly use.

Sometimes pseudoephedrine alone is sufficient to reduce or eradicate a weather migraine, but most often I find it needs the help of caffeine. I drink a couple cups of coffee, and then (because at this point, why not?), I might toss a couple of sedatives into the vortex as well.

I suppose as long as we’re here and awake, we should probably go have a look at those sedatives.