Migraine drugs

Always the drugs before the tricks. The tricks alone have never pacified Mad, so I always start with the drugs*.

If you haven’t tried any of the following, click on the colored name to learn more.

The Triptans: This is Mad Migraine’s favourite drug. She just loves the stuff.

When Triptans don’t work, there are alternatives.

Pseudoephedrine: When the storms come, Mad Maigraine becomes quite dramatic.

Sedatives: For those times Mad can’t be reasoned with and has to be knocked unconscious.

Opiates: Mad is not terribly impressed with opiates, but sometimes she can be lured into the den.

Cough syrups: You didn’t know about cough syrups? Oh, this will be fun.

Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) and other antihistamines: For those times Mad has had too much dopamine or allergens.

The Preventative Drugs: This could easily get overwhelming, so we’ll start with the 7 most effective, and then I’ll throw the whole incredible list at you. I promise, you’ll have a migraine before you reach the end.

LSD & Mushrooms: You didn’t know about psychedelics either? Oh, this is going to be even more sparkly fun.

Aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen/paracetamol: These are a great way to piss Mad Migraine off. Offer her these alone and she will shriek riotous outrage at the insult, and then when you try to calm her with sumatriptan and sedatives, she will throw them in your face. She is not a lowly headache and if you dare to treat her as such, she will serve your head on a bloody platter.

Queen of Pain

You have the Queen of Pain up there and she has extreme needs. If this is absolutely all you have for her, you better put on the fool’s cap and start juggling her some tricks.

*Drugs: Please be sensible with my suggestions. If you’re pregnant, breast feeding, taking other medications, or yadda yadda, there may be side effects that will harm you. I’m trusting you to look further into the drugs I suggest to ensure they do not counteract with a medicine you are taking or a condition you may have. And for the love of god, don’t drive or wander around in public while whacked out on cough syrup. Or LSD and mushrooms. I almost forgot about those. Bloody hell, this could end poorly. Before this leads to a lawsuit, you should know that I am quite poor. There’s really nothing to gain except a few black dresses and some antique furniture.