Migraine tricks

I am going to tell you the tricks that work for me and others in the majority so you don’t inadvertently follow the advice of a mischief-maker, like the one who said “put jalapenos in your eyes.”

jalapeno cat






It did seem reasonable at the time.


The tricks alone will not end a migraine, at least none that I have ever had. My migraines demand drugs, but these tricks will either lessen the pain, shorten the duration, assist the drugs, or give you something to think about other than Mad rearranging all the furniture in your head.

I am trusting you again not to hurt yourself with my suggestions. If anything I suggest makes you feel bad, or worse, adversely affects a condition you have, or a medication you take, for the love of all that is sane, stop doing it. Hot water is just that, hot, not scalding, not searing, not flesh boiling. None of these tips should result in you being taken to the emergency room for hypothermia, skin grafts, or diabetic shock.

Click on the pretty coloured links for more information.

Dental Splint: This is probably the trick that the fewest people know about, so I’ll top the list with it.

Then in the order I normally turn to them:

Caffeine – not strong enough to be listed under drugs and too effective to be listed under supplements, so here it is being a trick.

Icepacksice pack migraine

Hot Shower

Menthol rubs

Massage & Shiatsu Electric Massager

Hot drinks

Spicy drinks

Sex (probably NSFW)

Tens unit – No need to link this one. This is just a bad, bad idea. I hooked this up to my temples once. Just once. One pulse. I don’t advise it. If you think your head was throbbing before, wait until you get a load of what the tens unit will do.


Best just to forget that and move onto the supplements.